The Central Market Hall

The Central Market is one of the main tourist attractions of Budapest. It is the the largest and the oldest covered market in the city. The building was erected according to the plans of the Hungarian architect Samu Pecz in 1896. It was completely destroyed by an explosion during the World War II and then closed for some years. During the 90s a huge restoration work brought back it to its old beauty. The market affects the visitors for its exterior architecture and the size but also for its irresistible interior. At the entrance you will be overcome by the spectacular colors and smells of the local food and souvenirs. The Cover Market is settled just at the end of Vaci Street which is the main pedestrian street of the city center and close to the elegant Liberty bridge. If you are a tourist in Budapest and you looking for a classic Hungarian product, for example Paprika, Rubik’s cube or hungarian famous porcelains, this is the best place for you.

Дървени летви - колчета от ЕМСИЕН-3
Дървени талпиталпи от ЕМСИЕН-3