Széchenyi István square

Dedicate at first in 1947 to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American President between 1933 and 1945 and then renamed to the man that was the ideator of the plans of the Chain Bridge, Szécheny István. This square is located on the Pest side at the end of the Chain Bridge. At the southern edge of Szécheny István square rises a statue of Ferenc Deák, the Hungarian Minister that contributed in a decisive way to the signing of the Compromise of 1867 that lead to the institution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At the western side of the square a statue representing two children that are holding their hands as a sign of peace, one is Austrian and the other is Hungarian. The Magyar kid is naked and uncombed while the Austrian is dressed in an aristocrat way and his hair are well combed. On the square overlook some beautiful buildings: the building in art-nouveau style, adorned with golden shingles, located in a central position is the Gresham Palace, built by an english company of insurance. Today this magnificent building hosts the Four Seasons Gresham Palace hotel. On the northern side is located the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Magyar Tudományos Akadémia) founded by the count Széchenyi István. This square offers the possibility to admire one of the more striking panoramas of the Castle Hill from the Pest side.

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