Saint Elizabeth Church

This church was built between 1893 and 1901 in gothic style by the architect Imre Steindl who was also the chief architect of the Parliament building. Striking are the two 76 meters high spires that seem to drill the sky and dominate the underlying Rozsak Tere (Square of Roses). The church is dedicated to the Princess Elizabeth (1207-1231), the daughter of the Hungarian king Andrew II, who was made Saint thanks to her charitable activities. Saint Elizabeth is also represented in the statue that is located just in front of the Church. The facade is decorated by a rose window with a gothic style frame which is located right on top of the entrance. Figures of the Virgin Mary, the Patron of Hungary, Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislas are adorning the pediment. The interior of the church is noth less of worth, it was designed by relevant artists of the time such as the wood sculptor Mór Höltzi and the stained-glass artist Miksa Róth. It could be one of the best experience on a Budapest trip. A park open to visitors surrounds the religious building.

Дървени летви - колчета от ЕМСИЕН-3
Дървени талпиталпи от ЕМСИЕН-3