Budapest restaurant and café guide

Budapest restaurant and café guide

Gundel Restaurant 

Next to the Budapest Zoo and the City park is located the most well-known restaurant in Hungary: Gundel. Gundel is probably the only restaurant in Budapest with an international reputation. The restaurant was inaugurated in 1894 and anywhere in the world Hungarian gastronomy is mentioned, the name Gundel has a familiar sound for each one. The lovely and world famous Gundel Restaurant offers to their guests a superb mixture of traditional Hungarian cuisine and refined international grand cuisine, a fine selection of wines and live gypsy music nightly...

Price range: Exclusive
Address: 1146 Budapest, Gundel Károly út 4
Table reservation and information: +36 1 889 8100
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Costes Restaurant 

This famous restaurant opened in 2008 and in few years with its top quality gastronomy and wine specialties it became the first ever Michelin Star Restaurant in Budapest. The restaurant’s philosophy is to merge the international cuisine with the traditional Hungarian one. The elegant and stylish ambience together with the excellent dishes and an outstanding selection of wines all seek to please the guests. Restaurant Costes is ideal for business meetings and special occasions both. It is located in Budapest downtown. 

Price range: Exclusive
Address: 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 4
Table reservation and information: +36 1 219 0696


Onyx Restaurant 

With its top quality international and Hungarian gastronomy this restaurant has become the newest Budapest Michelin Star Restaurant. Located on Vörösmarty Square in the heart of Budapest, the Onyx restaurant, opened in April 2007.  The creation of the Hungarian Evolution Menu with the use of the highest-quality ingredients and new technologies is a new interpretation of the Hungarian cuisine. The Onyx Restaurant has also been ranked number 3 in the Hungarian Best Restaurant Guide in 2010. The elegant interiors are adorned with crystal chandeliers and oversized flower motifs in a Neo-Baroque style.

Price range: Exclusive
Address: 1051 Budapest Vörösmarty tér 7-8
Table reservation and information: +36-30-508-0622


New York Café 

One of the most famous restaurants in Budapest thanks to the richly decorations and its cuisine. The ceiling is embellished with beautiful frescoes by Gusztav Mannheimer and Ferenc Eisenhut, dating from the mid-XIX century. Luxurious Venetian chandeliers spread a magical atmosphere and golden stucco work covers the twisted columns with a fascinating effect. Enjoy the delights offered by barmen or chefs in this superb venue.

Price range: Exclusive
Address: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 9-11
Table reservation and information: +36 (1) 886 6111


Mátyás Pince Restaurant 

Cuisine, art, history and music meet in this restaurant. The traditional Hungarian style interior, the Hungarian and Transylvanian dishes, the wide range of wines and the live gypsy music make you feel the real tastes and customs of Hungary.  The restaurant has been established in 1904 and named to King Mátyás; the myths and legends of his reign grace the walls. The frescoes and stained glass decorating the walls were registered as national monuments in 1973.

Price range: 7000-25000
Address: 5th district, Március 15. square 7
Table reservation and information: +36-1-266-80-08


Kárpátia Restaurant 

Traditional Hungarian and international dishes in the courtyard of a former monastery. It was opened in 1877 and it is one of the oldest restaurants in Budapest. The gorgeous interior with its hand painted walls and the gipsy orchestra create a really romantic atmosphere.

Price range: 6000-10000 HUF
Address: 5th district, Ferenciek square 7-8
Table reservation and information: +36-1-317-3596


Halászbástya Restaurant

Royal interior, great panorama view on the Danube and the city, traditional and reformed Hungarian and international dishes is what the Halászbástya Restaurant offers to the guests. The Fisherman's Bastion Restaurant is open year-round with a variety of services. The main entrance to the restaurant is located just behind the Matthias Church in the Castle district.

Price range: 6000-10000
Address: Fisherman’s Bastion, North Tower, Buda Castle
Table reservation and information: +36-1-201-6935


Múzeum Cafe and Restaurant 

This nostalgic restaurant awaits its guest with a traditional Hungarian and international cuisine. It is located in Budapest downtown next to the National Museum. This historic Café and restaurant was opened in 1885.

Price range: 6000-10000 HUF
Address: Múzeum Krt, 12, 1088 Budapest
Table reservation and information: +36-1-201-6935


VakVarjú Restaurant 

After a pleasantly exhausting Budapest tour, good to know a friendly place, where you can eat something delicious and cheap food. VakVarjú Restaurant is probably the most kid friendly restaurant in the city, they offer a special menu for the little ones and a play corner. The restaurant's main dish is the typical Hungarian specialty 'Kenyérlángos' that seems to be a pizza with a huge selection of toppings. Live piano music is accompanying your traditional dinner at VakVarjú Restaurant.

VakVarjú has three locations.

Price range: 0-3500 HUF

Address VakVarjú Pest: Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 7
Table reservation and information: +36-1 268-0888

Address VakVarjú Buda: Budapest, Érem utca 2
Table reservation and information: +36-1 208-4027

Address VakVarjú Beach (seasonal): Budapest, Kopaszi gát 2, Buda
Table reservation and information: +36-70 339-6333




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